Target Shaft-MEDALIST 12 Pack

 Target Shaft-MEDALIST 12 Pack
  Target Shaft-MEDALIST 12 Pack
Medalist parallel to taper shaft 12 pack
  • Made In USA
  • .360 tip end to .264 tail
  • 7gpi and 8gpi
  • Only target shaft you can use FOB
  • 40% less wind drift
  • Built in FOC
  • Less oscillation than parallel shaft
  • Greater Fletch Clearance
  • FOB Fletching
  • +/- .002 Straghtness
  • +/- 3 Grains
  • Uni-bushing or plastic nock
  • Three vanes- 2.5 inch Blazer
  • Cut to length and target point(60g)
  • Free shipping Parallel to taper design
  • Hi Modulus-100% carbon
  • Signature nock compatable
  • The Medalist by Arrow Dynamics offers a large line cutter with a lightweight shaft. Proudly made in the USA, using materal and tooling made in America. The componets (target points and nocks) are also manufactured in the midwest. We use American employees to fabricate out product.
  • Arrow Dynamics Medailst shaft is developed for the target shooter. It gives a line cutting abailty with a lighweight, strong shaft. Most manufactures "grind" their shaft into a spine, we ultilize a lighter material to achieve a more constant spine and weight in our shaft's. Our products also incorporates the parall to taper design, advantages are:
  • Less wind drift
  • Built in front of center-more material in the tip end of shaft
  • Lightweight/Strength-we retain six wraps of carbon while still maintaing a light shaft,other shafts 5gpi or less are thin walled and fragile resulting in breakage.
  • Speed-the taper design keeps it speed downrange for the 60-90m shot.
  • .002/ straightness +/- 3 grains

  • Price: $89.00
    Fletch/nock option: